July 30th, 2010


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Proximal Soil Sensing

Viscarra Rossel, Raphael A.; McBratney, Alex; Minasny, Budiman (Eds.), 2010

This book reports on developments in Proximal Soil Sensing (PSS) and high resolution digital soil mapping. PSS has become a multidisciplinary area of study that aims to develop field-based techniques for collecting information on the soil from close by, or within, the soil. Amongst others, PSS involves the use of optical, geophysical, electrochemical, mathematical and statistical methods. This volume, suitable for undergraduate course material and postgraduate research, brings together ideas and examples from those developing and using proximal sensors and high resolution digital soil maps for applications such as precision agriculture, soil contamination, archaeology, peri-urban design and high land-value applications, where there is a particular need for high spatial resolution information. The book in particular covers soil sensor sampling, proximal soil sensor development and use, sensor calibrations, prediction methods for large data sets, applications of proximal soil sensing, and high-resolution digital soil mapping.


Handbook of Agricultural Geophysics

Barry Allred;  Jeffrey J. Daniels;  Mohammad Reza Ehsani (Eds.), 2008

Precision farming, site infrastructure assessment, hydrologic monitoring, and environmental investigations — these are just a few current and potential uses of near-surface geophysical methods in agriculture. Responding to the growing demand for this technology, the Handbook of Agricultural Geophysics supplies a clear, concise overview of near-surface geophysical methods that can be used in agriculture and provides detailed descriptions of situations in which these techniques have been employed.



Geoderma – Special Issue: Diffuse reflectance spectroscopy in soil science and land resource assessment

Guest Editors: César Guerrero, Raphael A. Viscarra Rossel and Abdul Mounem Mouazen






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International Union of Soil Science


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